There are households who prefer to complete most of their home chores by following easy tips rather paying a fee to professionals especially for window cleaning in Maldon. Well, it seems good to do certain things at your own for saving money however when people have to clean the windows, they get panic because glass seems a sensitive material and that is why no one prefers cleaning it with harsh chemicals. So, people want easy yet glass-friendly cleaning methods which are discussed in this blog too.

Dust should be removed at First!

Don’t apply water directly because it created a muddy texture on the glass and later, it will become difficult to clean such dirt. Take a medium-sized cloth of soft fabric and remove dust in a gentle way to avoid the addition of dust particles in the air. Make sure that you get a dry cloth because wet stuff is not recommended in the first step.

Prepare Cleaning Liquid!

If you want glass-friendly cleaning tips then, of course, you don’t need to buy chemicals rather prepare the liquid at home by mixing lemon into the water for flawless window cleaning in Maldon. The quantity of liquid depends on the size of the window as if it is of large size, a large bucket of water would be needed with around ten to fifteen lemons. Squeeze lemons properly and you are done with the cleaning mixture. A soft punch or cloth is good enough to use for applying the liquid on the window.

Leave the Window for 15 Minutes!

The liquid takes some time for fighting with stubborn stains, shits of birds, and greasy dirt. So, it is recommended to leave the window for complete fifteen windows as in this case, you won’t need to put unnecessary effort into rubbing the dirt. Well, if you feel like lemon doesn’t work which quite rare then you should go for soapy water. Mixing detergent in the warm water also works in a magical way. So, you can choose any liquid depending on the stains over the glass.

Wash with Plenty of Water!

Plenty of water is also needed to wash all the dirt. It is okay if you do not have warm water as you can use normal water too. The use of water should be done in a prudent way because it is crucial to saving your curtains and furniture from being wet.

Soak the Liquid!

The liquid should be soaked with soft fabric as scratches may occur if you soak water with any random cloth. Now, in the end, apply protector which is compulsory as, without it, the glass would be at risk so try to buy a fine-quality protector from the market.